It has been an intense start to 2018 in the policy space for ALEC. We have presented to two inquiries in collaboration with environmental groups of the North. The first was our concerns around the inherent lack of adequate accountability and transparency in the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) and the second was on environmental risks of non-pastoral uses and modifying the calculation of rent on pastoral properties. Reform of the pastoral industry and regulations is on the agenda for the Government this year and we will continue to advocate for the ability of pastoralists to engage in carbon abatement measures as well as tightening regulations around land clearing.

We are now preparing for our final presentation to the fracking inquiry today to make a case for maintaining the moratorium, and in the alternative ensuring that regulatory reform is implemented prior to any exploration activity, rather than production. The final report is comprehensive but has ultimately disregarded the scale of community opposition to the industry. There will never be a social licence to operate in the Territory. Watch ALEC at 2.40pm today present to the fracking inquiry here

Three major mines have been given environmental approval by the EPA including the Chandler Hazardous waste facility, Nolans Bore rare earths mine and Mt Peake vanadium and titanium mine. All of these projects pose significant environmental risks from radioactive waste, unsustainable water use and long term legacy contamination issues. The NT drastically needs new legislation to ensure that mining operators are ultimately held responsible for the financial and environmental costs of rehabilitating mine sites for as long as necessary. For too long these costs have fallen onto the NT Government and ultimately the environment and tax payers. We are continuing to work towards significant environmental law reform, including the development of a strong climate change policy framework.  

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