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Zine Fest - DIY Making

Come join us on Wednesday evening 6pm 24 April for a Cut + Paste session where we dive into DIY making about place and environment: how this place looks after us and how we can look after this place together.

If you want to make some political art with us, simply a zine or poster that celebrates the central desert. please come along or get in touch.
We have been digging through our archives and have some content to republish for the long struggles across the arid lands in looking after country. so really glad we can display it and foster further conversations
- The image is of liopholis slateri Slater's Skink who is very endangered - and threatened by ongoing buffel grass invasion
PS. If you are someone that has been holding on to old campaign posters & materials let's remember that social history please get in touch [email protected]

Find out more about Watch this space zine fair here:

April 24, 2024 at 6:00pm - 8pm
watch this space ari

Will you come?