Get active for a ban on Fracking.

The First round of the Fracking Inquiries community consultations saw Territorians turn up in huge numbers and vote overwhelmingly for a ban on fracking. The Alice Springs community told the Inquiry we want guaranteed protection of our land, water, and peoples health from the risks of invasive mining. 

This action shows when we unite across our urban, regional, and remote regions anything is possible.

Work has already started to ensure an even greater turnout to the final round of consultations in August. We want to make sure the Inquiry’s final recommendation to the NT government is to ban Fracking.

Register at to present at the fracking Inquiries formal hearings in Alice Springs on the 3-4th August. 

Jesse Hancock

Frack Free Coordinator

Central Australian Frack Free Alliance

Mob: 0488 558 215


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