Ammaroo Phosphate Mine

Representatives from Verdant Minerals met with ALEC last week to discuss the proposed Ammaroo Phosphate Mine on Ammaroo Station close to Ampilatwaja. Verdant is planning to construct a shallow ore phosphate mine that will produce 1 million tonnes of ore for the first few years growing to 2 in future years. The ore will be refined on site and exported to both Asian and domestic markets.

The project is projected to last at least 25 years but it is possible that the company will extend operations for many more decades by producing ammonium phosphate in a secondary process. The project could thus have a significant long-term impact on the community of Amptilatwatja. We need to hold the company accountable to their promises of employment and infrastructure to the community to ensure that the community is benefiting from the company’s actions.

The Draft EIS will be released for public consultation in late August. This is an opportunity to scrutinise the environmental footprint of the project to ensure there will be no significant adverse environmental impacts and that it is run as sustainably as possible. Progressive rehabilitation will be essential for this mine to minmise surface level disturbance.

Territory ICAC

After calling for a Territory ICAC for many years the Territory Government has finally released a draft bill for an Independent Commission Against Corruption. The commission will have powers to retrospectively investigate public officials for abuse of power and investigate allegations of corruption in Government. The commission will hopefully be able to hold officials accountable for decisions regarding dubious fossil fuel contracts such as the granting of a coal exploration licence in the Pedirka Basin at the end of the last CLP term.

The Draft Bill has been released for public comment and we encourage anyone to make a submission.

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