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Media Release: ‘One World’ event raises funds for ALEC on World Environment Day 31.5.16

World Environment Day falls on June 5th each year and aims to raise awareness of environmental issues across the globe. This year the Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) is hosting “One World”  - a fundraising event starting at 7pm on Saturday 4th June in the Page 27 laneway. 

ALEC is a community-based environment organisation in Alice Springs, which has been a strong voice for the conservation and responsible management of the arid lands for more than 36 years. ALEC works regionally with projects in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia and on a wide range of issues including climate change, renewable energy, sustainability, biodiversity conservation, food and water security, fracking, nuclear issues, mining, urban development and has it’s own social enterprise Arid Edge Environmental Services.

ALEC has approximately 300 financial members, and has strong support from the local community. Since funding cuts in 2014, ALEC is now entirely dependent on donations and fundraising, and the One World event aims to raise vital funds for the organisation.

“One of the best ways to celebrate World Environment Day is to support the work of your local environment centre,” said Mr Cocking of the Arid Lands Environment Centre. “Grass-roots community organising is where we see real change happen, and ALEC plays a key role in driving change here in the arid lands.”

“2016 is proving to be a vital year of change on the planet as we start to see whole countries being able to run on renewable energy for days at a time. Here in the Australia we are lagging behind with government’s both federally and territory who continue to prioritise big business and mining profits over the health of our environment. These days are numbered as the momentum for change builds, however we must use our democratic opportunity and make our vision known. Vote 1 environment in the coming election, and support the work of ALEC as we work towards a sustainable and just future for all,” Mr Cocking said. 

The One World event starts at 7pm with a kids disco, followed with music by Storyteller, Peachy, King Marong, Karnage N Darknis and Hytek. Admission is $20, $15 ALEC members. Kids are free. Food and bar available.

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