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ALEC is a not-for-profit incorporated company and is governed by a Board of Directors.

The ALEC Board was elected at the October 2021 AGM.

Chair: Barbara Molanus

Deputy Chair: Roxanne Highfold

Seretary: Isobelle Milne

Treasurer: Deborah Mason

Public Officer: Isobelle Milne

Ordinary members:  Sacha Keisling, Paul Ah Chee, Bruce Simmons, Emma Buckley Lennox, David Jagger

The role of the Board is to review and monitor ALEC’s work and achievements to ensure that ALEC is:

  • achieving its objectives
  • meeting its legal and regulatory obligations
  • develop appropriate strategy and policy 

The work of ALEC’s volunteer Board is integral to the success of ALEC, and provides strong governance to help ALEC achieve its vision of healthy futures for Arid Lands.

View the ALEC constitution here

Annual report

ALEC's 2020-21 Annual Report aims to demonstrate the variety and impact of ALEC's advocacy, campaigning, policy and community education work over the past financial year.  ALEC has worked to protect people and nature in the arid lands and beyond for over 40 years. These achievements are made possible thanks to the incredible energy that ALEC and its members, alongside many other groups and organisations, bring to the challenge we face together. We hope you will continue to support ALEC as we push on towards our vision of ‘healthy futures for arid lands and people'.

View the 2020-21 Annual report here

View the 2020-21 Financial Statements here

Past annual reports

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Are you interested in helping shape the strategic direction of ALEC?

Please email [email protected] for more information.