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Don't Frack the Outback

The Government is trying to fast-track major fracking and gas infrastructure projects in the Territory. We need your support to help stop dangerous new fracking and pipeline projects to protect our land, water, air and climate.

As you read this, two gas companies are drilling in the Beetaloo and gas infrastructure projects are being planned for the Northern Territory, despite scientists and economists warning that gas has no role in Australia’s recovery. The Government wants to fast-track these controversial projects against the wishes of Traditional Owners and local communities - and they’re trying to do it with billions of dollars of public money.

Gas is a bad investment and won’t create the jobs our communities need. If these proposed gas projects are drilled, fracked and piped, we’ll have fast-tracked our way to a climate-cooked world and decades more debt.

ALEC plays a critical role in the movement to stop fracking in the Territory. Over the past 9 years alongside partner groups and the people most affected, we have supported and run campaigns and helped mobilise the community.

ALEC is raising funds to make sure these dangerous new fossil fuel projects don’t go ahead in the NT and to build momentum for a solar-powered future for our communities.

Donate to the campaign to help stop fracking