COOLmob Energy Efficiency Project

We offer a range of fantastic, affordable energy-efficiency services and education programs.
These were developed in 2018/19 with the Environment Centre NT as part of the Energy Efficiency Education Program (EEEP), funded by the NT Government. This project delivered school, community and home energy efficiency education in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Home Energy Audit Program

This summer, let us give you some handy tips on how to cut your energy use and power bills. All it takes is a quick home visit by one of our COOLmob Energy Efficiency Experts to get your place running more efficiently - keeping you cool, calm and collected over the hotter months.

The visit is informal and normally takes around 1 hour. Show our COOLmob Expert around your home and they'll offer some ideas and insights, then will follow up afterwards with a report and some extra information.

It's affordable, quick and easy - and it's good for you and the environment!

Get in touch with Rachel O'Leary to set up a visit.

Download the COOLmob Energy Saving Tips Factsheet and the Reduce Heat Gain By Effectively Shading Your House With Vegetation Flyer


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Primary School Curriculum Unit

The Energy Efficiency Curriculum Unit has been designed for years 5/6 and incorporates fun, interactive and hands-on learning tools on energy efficiency. 

Through inquiry, prediction, exploration and experimentation students will gain an understanding of where energy comes from, why some energy sources are better than others, why it is important to be more conscious of our energy consumption and how they can be more efficient in both the classroom and their homes. 

The unit has been designed to run over five weeks (although this is flexible) and includes two visits from a COOLmob Energy Efficient Expert who will lead the sessions as well as lesson plans worksheets and resources for the entirety of the program. 

If you’re interested in having the program running in your school, please contact Rachel O'Leary 

Community Workshops and Energy Efficiency Stalls

ALEC is committed to the community, and is keen to help groups and market stall holders to improve their energy efficiency. We've got lots of resources and can offer advice at a reasonable rate. 

Please contact Rachel O'Leary for more details.

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For more information on the Energy Efficiency Education Program contact of keep up to date via the ALEC and COOLmob Facebook pages.



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