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ALEC welcomes change in NT Government but much work to be done 30.8.16

The Arid Lands Environment Centre welcomes the change in Northern Territory Government, stating that the landslide election result makes it clear that Territorians want a significantly different approach to governance.

Pre-election promises of a 50% renewable energy target, a moratorium on fracking and investment into indigenous ranger groups must be acted upon, and ALEC looks forward to working with the NT Government elect to bring about the best possible outcomes for community members and the environment.

“What the NT Election results show is that people no longer accept a ‘business at the expense of all else’ approach. Territorians don’t want government ministers who are climate change skeptics, who actively wage campaigns against renewable energy, who do last minute dodgy deals with mining companies and who want to turn vast areas of the NT into industrial fracked gas fields,” said Nicole Pietsch, spokesperson for the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

“The efforts of hundreds of Territorians who have spoken up about the risks of fracking and who have campaigned for investment into renewable energy must be commended, and these efforts have had a significant impact on the election result. The NT Labor party needs to listen to voters and acknowledge that a vastly different approach is needed which is transparent, involves community consultation and doesn’t pander to the vested interests of the fossil fuel lobby.” 

“All around the world we are seeing impacts of climate change. From melting glaciers in the Himalaya’s, to lakes appearing in Antartica and the greatest known coral bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been heartbreaking to see the loss of thousands of hectares of mangroves here in the NT attributed to our changing climate. Governments must act immediately to combat climate change and the NT Government must do its part.”

“ALEC has worked for environmental protection in Central Australia and the Northern Territory for more than 36 years. We are represented on many working groups, boards, committee’s and regularly contribute to government policy submissions. It’s no longer about about us, or them, or the politics of fear and division. It’s about how we all can work together as a community towards a sustainable equitable future and we are committed to working with whomever is in government to realise this vision,” said Nicole Pietsch.

"ALEC hopes that the new government will reverse the last minute sweetheart coal deal in the perdirka basin and move quickly to join Victoria in banning fracking. ALEC welcomes the renewable energy target of 50% while working towards the territory being a solar powerhouse. ALEC also hopes the new government will develop clear and effective environmental assessment approvals and provide clarity on the role of the EPA."

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