Alec Submissions

Writing submissions and participating in government processes is another important aspect of ALEC's work.

ALEC regularly makes submissions to government inquiries and policy to improve environmental governance in the arid lands of Central Australia.

ALEC also analyses Environmental Impact Statements for major development and mining projects.

ALEC's submissions to various government policies in 2017 can be accessed below:

Submission on the Tellus Chandler Salt Mine and Hazardous Waste Facility

Submission on the DRAFT Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan

Submission on the Jervois Base Metal Project Terms of Reference 

Submission to the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory

Submission into Environmental Regulatory Reform 

Submission on the Independent Commission Against Corruption

Submission on the Reform of Deductible Gift Recipient Tax Arrangements

Submission into the ATSI Act Consultation Discussion Paper

Submission on the Draft Strategic NT Economic Framework and Infrastructure Plan

ALEC's submissions to various government policies in 2015 can be accessed below:

Submission to Senate Inquiry on Privatisation

Submission on NT Our Water Future Policy

Submission on Draft Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan

Submission to NSW Gas Supply Inquiry

Submission to NT Planning Scheme Amendment (8 storeys)

Submission on Terms of Reference EIS for NEGI

Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations

Request for Review on granting of Water License


Header Image: TNG Mount Peake Draft Environmental Impact Statement - these kind of documents are often complex and thousands of pages long.

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