RePower Alice Springs Update

Thankyou to those who participated in the "What Inspires You" World Environment Day dinner hosted by RePower Alice Springs. There was some great discussion around taking action to increase renewable energy in Alice Springs.

RePower Alice Springs - The Next Step

Gathering: 11am Saturday 10th June

Olive Pink Botanic Gardens Rotunda

A short gathering in the winter sunshine for those who would like to become more actively engaged with RePower Alice Springs.

RePower Alice Springs has 3 working groups:

1. Policy:

Engaging in govt policy process, developing RePower's policy framework, meeting with politicians and Renewable Energy Taskforce

2. People:
Community Engagement, rolling out the solar survey, developing broader community engagement opportunities
3. Power:
Community energy projects, developing opportunities for more solar power in Alice
RePower will be having monthly coordinating meetings 1st Monday of every month.
For further information with regard to RePower email Harshini -


The Australian Solar Council and Energy Storage Council has released a six-point plan for reforming the National Electricity Market

With the Finkel Review to be released on Friday, we call on all Governments to:

·         Establish a plan for the orderly closure of coal-fired power stations;

·         Make action on climate change a key objective of the National Electricity Market;

·         Commit to at least 50 per cent renewables by 2030;

·         Introduce a 5-minute settlement rule;

·         Enable markets in peer to peer trading and demand response; and

·         Replace the Australian Energy Regulator and Australian Energy Market Commission with a new combined energy rule maker and regulator.

Australia’s electricity market is no longer working and needs substantial reform.

The energy market is changing rapidly and will be completely transformed within the next decade by the combination of distributed and large-scale solar, energy storage, demand response, energy efficiency and smart energy management systems.

Australia is unprepared for the energy transformation that is about to occur. That is why the Finkel Review – an independent analysis of the National Electricity Market – is so important.

COAG Energy Ministers have a critical role to play in what the Finkel Review has called a “once in a generation opportunity to reform the national electricity market”.

More information at the Energy Storage Council Latest News


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